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About Us

This is The Zuulcat! The Zuulcat is a guardian of sound practices. It is a creature that promotes sustainable technology, teams and business and does so fiercely. The Zuulcat promotes creative though and doing the things that are right, no matter how crazy others might think they are.

I am Martin Mazur! I am the person behind The Zuulcat but I am also an entrepreneur, father, software evangelist and general loud mouth with several years of experience in the software industry.

In my years as an entrepreneur, consultant and leader I have had the privilege to work with several organisations, large and small, and in many different roles. This gives me a unique perspective on business, software, people and organisations that I use in my work to reach my goals and help others reach theirs.

I believe in working from the heart and with great passion. I believe that the most valuable creation is the stories we leave behind.

What's your story?

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The Zuulcat Archives

The Zuulcat Archives is a collection of publications written between 2006 - 2015. These have moved around different blogs and other parts of the Internet.

They are kept around here because every story, no matter how old or out dated has significance to the furthering of our knowledge. They are kept around because that is the way of the Internet - once we publish something we stand behind it - once we publish something it is out in the wild.

Read the Archives.

Associated Ventures

These are some friends of The Zuulcat and ventures Martin Mazur is involved and invested in.

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