Getting Back on the Blog Wagon (again)

 Dec 5, 2010  |   Filed under: meta, personal  |   Tags: Blog, Change, Meta

I'm back on the blog wagon with an old/new blog. I had to close down my blog for a couple of months because it got hacked due to me not updating WordPress frequently enough. In the process of restoring my blog and setting up WordPress again I decided to change the name and location as well. I have several reasons for doing this starting with the direction of the blog. The direction has changed over...

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Admitting Defeat

 Aug 24, 2009  |   Filed under: offtopic, personal  |   Tags: Blog, Change, Mindhex, Opinion, Philosophy, Theory

As hard as it may be to admit; I have failed miserably. About 3 months ago I set out on a journey into independence. I named it project Mindhex. The basic idea was that I would give myself free hands to work on whatever I desired. The plan was that I would polish my ruby skills, learn to develop IPhone applications and create a kick ass Sinatra clone in .NET called Nancy. That was far...

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New Beginnings

 May 6, 2009  |   Filed under: offtopic, personal, software development  |   Tags: Blog, Change, Freedom, Mindhex, Opinion, Philosophy

As some of you know I have taken a leave of absence from work. I'll be away from "proper" work for 3 months, but this doesn't mean I won't work. I will use the next 3 months to work on project Mindhex. I guess the best word to describe project Mindhex without saying to much is experiment. I don't want to unveil exactly what it is just yet. Some of you may think you have...

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Using Syntax Fairy Dust to BDD with NUnit

 Mar 17, 2009  |   Filed under: software development  |   Tags: .NET, BDD, Patterns, TDD, Testing

A project that I'm currently involved in is leaning more towards the BDD style syntax of writing tests. We decided to use NUnit instead of any of the spec frameworks out there because NUnit has a large community and a lot of tools that work well with it. To accommodate this we added a whole bunch of extension methods that wrap the standard NUnit assertions. Example: public static object ShouldEqual(this object actual, object expected) {...

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Why You Will Never Get Rich by Consulting

 Mar 5, 2009  |   Filed under: business  |   Tags: Business, Consulting, Money, Opinion

There is a know fallacy in consulting as a business model. The idea of charging someone a fix sum of money for an hour of labor can only be profitable until you run out of time to sell. If you run a company that has 10 consultants, every consultant can only work about 40h a week. If all your consultants are working with clients you have hit your cap. The only way to make more...

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